Ronstan S22 en S30 Safety rail systemen

For the superyacht industry Ronstan developped a CE and Lloyds approved window washing system. The system is tested and certified to the European standard EN795;1996 Class D by Lloyds register, Copenhagen Denmark, and is appropriate for single person use with an energey absorber to the EN355 standard.

This system is used to mount to the yacht in order to clean the windows but can also be used for other safety related applications. 

This system is unique in its simple handling by having big plunger stops and wide D-shackles. The shackels are protected with delring spacers and rubber buffers to absorb vibrations during sailing. The shackles won’t touch the car body and there it is very easy to hook on or off too. If needed rails can be factory bent. Standard 22mm use M6 mounting bolts and 30mm tracks use M8 moutning bolts.

Ronstan Safety rail systems features

  • Certified to meet EU Standard EN795:2012 Type D
  • Marine grade Aluminium alloy cars, track rails and end stops, anodised for corrosion protection and long service life
  • Recirculating Torlon ball bearings for free running low maintenance
  • Grade 316 Forged stainless shackles
  • Rubber buffers to reduce vibration and to lift pivoting shackles away from car
  • Spring load stainless steel plunger for simple, positive re-positioning at stop locations
  • Tracks can be mounted in verticial or horizontal planes
  • S22 uses m6 mounting 
  • S30 uses m8 mounting

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This system provides a method of attachment for use in conjunction with personal protection equipment to protect against falls from a height. Such as when working outside of conventional guardrails for cleaning and maintenance purposes. It shall not be used for lifting equpment or for any other purpose.