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Chafe-Pro rope protection systems for superyacht and megayacht fenderlines and mooring line.

Chafe-pro offers the best protection possible for all ropes and fenderlines on board superyachts!

Years of experience are the key of succes for the Chafe-pro products. Their rope protection items are best known within the superyacht industry. The high-grade nylon that Chafe-Pro uses is much more long-lasting compared to the leather that was being used for many years.

For superyacht mooring lines, the Chafe-pro is a great value for money. Mooring lines don't suffer in general from stretch or tension. chafe-pro mooring fenderlineThe modern dock-lines have such good quality materials inside that they are very long-lasting.
The only issue is abrasion at the faireads, or around the spliced eyes.

Chafe-Pro offers the best solution available!
The hi-grade nylon, in combination with a unique construction of the system makes this product a rope's best friend.

The inside of the Chafe-pro system includes a non-slip surface. Therefore the product stays at the rope instead of the rope chafing against the protection gear.

ChafePro supports various items to protect your mooring line or fender rope. Their best know product is the Megayacht Series

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Chafe-pro superyacht series Chafepro wooly for fenderlines Chafe-pro Thor Guard for commercial Chafe Pro mooring line protection


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